Pet Memorials


Our beautiful boy and gentle giant Brute. 

Jason Miller

Jason Miller

I so remember the first time I saw you. I had lost a cat and went to Dessin Animal Shelter to adopt one cat. The staff there asked if I would be interested in adopting two cats as they had two cats just turned in by an elderly woman. The two cats were terrified. I went into the cat room and saw you and you sister Jasmine hiding under a chair, terrified. I knew right then and there you would be coming home with me. The first few weeks, you spent mostly hiding under the bed. But in time you got use to the house and me and came out. You soon became the king of my home. You had such a great purr and were so affectionate The one day you got outside by accident and I stayed up all night looking for you until I found you the next morning, just sitting on the deck looking like nothing happened. All those nights, sleeping right by my head. You have a lot of cat brothers and sisters waiting with you by the Rainbow Bridge. One day we will cross the bridge together



My Old Man Puppy Troy, I remember the day we made you a part of our family. You were brought in as a stray puppy to an emergency animal clinic that I used to work at. Daddy never wanted a "foofy" dog, so I called him and asked "What about a Shepard mix?" He said yes, and from that moment you were ours. At nine months old you needed surgery for hip dysplasia in both hips. Having to sling walk you in the snow while I was pregnant wasn't easy but we managed to make it work. After you recovered, you were able to run and play again. The doctor that did your surgery said that no matter how old you got, you would always have a puppy personality. She was absolutely right! Your tail was always wagging, so happy to see everybody and anybody, barking to say hello! You always did have a lot to say. You were so protective of your baby chick friends, sweet and gentle with your rabbit sister Bun Bun, and very tolerant of your human brother Dimetri. We were really lucky to have such an all-around great dog! Over the years though, your legs eventually grew weaker and weaker, unable to climb stairs, and having trouble walking on slippery tile floors. Your belly started to distend, and we were told you had a mass in your abdomen by your previous doctor. Wanting a second opinion, we brought you to Cherry Ridge. After having an exam and  blood work done, they said you had some fatty tumors and that your symptoms were most likely due to cushings. That explained why you became so demanding when it came to food. Being close to 13 years old, we decided to bring you home and feed you a little more, love you a little more, and let you live out your life. Your legs though, they just couldn't keep up with your strong-willed personality. As your discomfort increased, and your struggling and frustration became apparent, it was heartbreaking to see you like that. We didn't want you to continue to suffer. It was the hardest decision we've ever had to make, but you are able to run now, with strong legs free of illness and pain. We Love you always and forever Puppy Troy. One day, we will meet again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together. 
 I would like give thanks to Dr. Rutledge, Dr. Gross, and all of the staff who were so helpful, caring, and compassionate during this difficult time.


I so remember that first day you came into my life. Cindy from Angels Among us delivered you to my house. You were an instant personality. The entire community fell in love with you immediately. You were such a fun, happy fella. I would look for you to decide which route we took on our daily walks, and you always chose. If I tried a different route, you would just sit and wait until I went your way. When I would come home, you would run up to me as I laid on the floor covering me with kisses. We faced and beat many medical crisis together from Pancreatitis, cancer in your paw, diabetes, cataract surgery and finally cushings. The last, along with the diabetes, we just could not beat. The community will certainly miss you when they ask "Where is Eski?" while I am on my walks with Max. One day we will be together again, along with your brother and sister dogs and cats. We will cross the Rainbow Bridge together, all of us. 



Bizou was not just my 20 year old cat but a beautiful soul whose gentle spirit will live on with everyone she met - especially mine. She was perfect in every way. RIP my little love bug. You are missed every moment. My warmest and most heartfelt thank you to everyone at Cherry Ridge, especially Dr. Gross, who helped make Bizou's transition as peaceful and loving as could possibly be. 


-Edye Schneider


Bandit was a rescue. He was thought to be about three years old when I got him. I have had him for 9 wonderful years. He was such a funny bunny. Smart and quirky. He will be forever missed. 2008 - June 6, 2020

- Veronica Gardas



I have had the privilege of having Sadie in our family for 15 blessed years. As a chocolate lab, she had far exceeded her life expectancy. Sadie was very laid back and gentle. She loved her other animal siblings and enjoyed play time with them. She loved sharing her bed with the rabbit Thumper. Sadie will be terribly missed. Thank you to her Cherry Ridge family for taking good care of her over the years, even on her last day. 

- The Spencer Family.


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